#AM174010 - Arrowmax Tyre Warmer with Bag 1/10 B/G

Code: AM174010


Arrowmax is proud to Introduce the all new Tyre/ battery Warmer.
Tyres need heat to reach the proper temperature for optimal grip on the race track. Arrowmax tyre warmers provide consistent, even heating so you can get the maximum performance from your tyres.
The cup connect port is located on the front side, making it easy to organize your pit table.
Warmers have built-in independent sensors. You can set the front / rear temperature independently.
With the XT60 style connector, user can choose for DC input or connect to an optional 3s type battery.
Apart from warming tyres, the warmer is able to act as a battery warmer with an optional warming bag. The values are preset by the factory to enhance performance and ensure 100% safety for users.
The signature golden black design is the world smallest tire warmer in the market and is a must have equipment for racers.


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