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RUDDOG Racing proudly presents the RXS brushless controller! The state-of-the-art ESC is the result of more than two years of development and testing. Packaged in a black-anodized all-aluminium case, a 32 bit processor and the latest FET technology provide an ideal basis for punchy and smooth power delivery, and a strong but sensitive brake function. Thanks to its integrated power button and an exchangeable receiver cable, clean and tidy installation is easier than ever before. In addition to the included fan, the aluminium case and low-resistance solder posts also improve heat dissipation. Settings can be adjusted with the optional program card to tailor the RXS to various track conditions and driving styles, both in highly competitive modified and stock racing.



- 32 bit processor

- Exchangeable receiver cables

- State-of-the-art FET technology

- Integrated on/off button

- Developed with modified and stock racing in mind

- Strong and sensitive brakes

- Heat-dissipating solder posts



Continuous current: 160 A

Burst current: 760 A

Voltage range: 2S LiPo | 6.0 V - 8.7 V

Motor limit: over 4.5 T (540 size)

BEC: adjustable 6.0 V | 7.4 V

Weight: 38 g (w/o wires and fan)

Dimensions: 37.8 mm x 33.8 mm x 19.7 mm


Included in the box:

- RXS electronic speed controller

- 25 mm fan including hardware

- 1m 13 AWG cable, black (RP-0246)

-120 mm length receiver cable (RP-0073-120)

- Heat shrink for motor wires (RP-0266)

- 5 mm gold-plated connectors (RP-0310)

- Power capacitor

- English and German language instruction manual


Available accessories reccomended by Ruddog:

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RP0073-150 RUDDOG ESC RX Cable Black 150mm (fits RP120 and others)


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