#OS1EG01 - O.S. SPEED MAX-B21 Combo Set

Code: OS1EG01


    O.S.Engine OS1EG01 - MAX-B21 3.5cc 1/8 Buggy Engine with Exhaust System Combo

    Made for 1/8 nitro Offroad MAX-B21 is easy to use from entry-level users to sports users and has excellent cost performance. Based on the O.S.SPEED B2104 series engine, it has a well-balanced combination of smooth speed and power delivery and can be used in both on and off-road racing situations. Features:
    • The crankcase is based on the O.S.SPEED B2104 crankcase
    • Piston and sleeve is improved based on O.S.SPEED B2104
    • The connecting rod is the same as the O.S.SPEED buggy engines
    • Included Exhaust System for 1/8 Buggy (not GT): TB02 EFRA2089 (T2090) Pipe/Muffler and MB01-75 (M2000SC) Exhaust Manifolder
    This engine will replace the MAX-21 XR-B VER.3 and MAX-21 XZ-B VER.2. Specs:
    • Displacement: 3.49cc
    • Bore: 16.27mm
    • Stroke: 16.80mm
    • Output: 2.6ps @ 34.000RPM
    • Practical rpm range: 4.000-41.000
    • Weight: 361g
    • P3 glow plug
    • Reducer Venturi: 6mm (Orange) & 7mm (Yellow)
    • Exhaust seal ring
    • Dust cap set: 3, 16 & 18mm
    • ITB02 EFRA2089 (T2090) Pipe/Muffler and MB01-75 (M2000SC) Exhaust Manifolder


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