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Built to race fair
The Justock Handout Motor is designed for competitive and fair racing in the world. The innovative manufacturing processes make the mechanical timing of the motor and the internal resistance of the coil to achieve a high degree of consistency power output.

The outlook appearance of the newly designed motor
The lightweight body of the motor weighs at 147g and is only 48 .5mm long. This reduces the overall weight of your vehicle and effectively improves the distribution of the center of gravity.

Dual sensor ports
The dual output sensor ports design on the motor meets various wiring needs and is aesthetically pleasing.

Ultra-low cogging torque, low linearity
The use of high-precision four-stage rotor carrying an independ ent HALL detection magnetic ring and a high precision hall plate positioning struc ture will ensure that the sensor output position signal is accurate. The cogging effect will be extremely low to ensure excellent lin earity and a great control feel.

Asymmetrical bearings for more reliable and smoother operation
The use of asymmetrical bearings provides higher performance and reduces resistance at the same time. The front end of the motor uses a larger precision bearing (D11 *D5*T5) to improve the bearing performance; the rear end uses a smaller precision bearing (D8*D3*T4).

Three models for a wide range of applications
The three models that are available to choose from are; 3200KV, 2600KV and 2100KV. Equivalent to the current SPEC motor; 13.5T/17.5T/21.5T. They mainly covers the STOCK categories in the 1/10 on-road and off-road vehicles.

High quality materials ensure maximum performance
At Hobbywing,we take pride in our manufacturing process and the high-quality materials we use to build a motor. We carefully select only the finest materials (stator, high temperature resistant wire(200°C), high temperature resistant explosion-proof rotor,high-precision grade bearings)that offer exceptional durability.

Ultra-high efficiency,low heat generation
Compared with the Justock G2.1 motor, the Justock Handout motor is 10% more efficient. The ultra-high operating efficiency further reduces the temperature of the motor.

Specifications 17.5T


Scale - 1/10th
Brushed/Brushless - BL
Sensored/Sensorless - SD
Pole Count - 4

Relevant Parameters

KV Rating - 2600
LiPo Cells - 2-3S
No-load Current(A) - 2.2A

Size & Weight

O.D.(mm) - 36
Length (mm) - 48.5
Shaft Diameter (mm) - 3.175
Weight (g) - 148.5
Front Bearing - D11*D5*t5
Rear Bearing - D8*D3*t4



Applications - 1/10th STOCK Class Racing


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