#HN20030 - Hobbynox Airbrush Intercoat-Clear 2-in-1 Cover Coat 60ml

Code: HN20030


Hobbynox Intercoat-Clear 2-in-1 Cover Coat 60ml

  • Hobbynox Intercoat-Clear is an 2-in-1 water-based polyurethane clear which can booth be used as an protective coat over Hobbynox Airbrush Colors or directly mixed with the paint for improved spray performance, improved coating durability and urethane-like performance with automotive airbrushing on hard surfaces.
  • When it's sprayed separately on top of Hobbynox Airbrush Colors the Intercoat-Clear dries to a flat, hard and level/smooth surface (but it's not gloss).
  • When it's mixed directly into Hobbynox Airbrush Colors (aprox 10%) you will increase the spray performance through the airbrush (or spray gun) nozzle and the dried paint will be more scratch resistant, withstand fuel residue better (RC car bodies etc) and also the ability to adhere/stick to hard surfaces is greatly increased.
  • Regardless if you mix it directly into the paint or use it as a cover coat on the painted item, you will be able to use masking tape on top of the painted surface which is otherwise almost impossible (paint particles will stick to the masking tape glue when you remove the masking tape if not Intercoat-Clear have been used).
  • Another advantage is that Intercoat-Clear also serves as an adhesion promoter (for painting hard surfaces) when mixed with Hobbynox Airbrush Colors.
  • It can also be a carrier for "glitter" or "flake" - for example Fasglitter from Parma Faskolor.
  • Intercoat-Clear 2-in-1 Cover Coat is not a paint reducer and it does not thin the paint. For paint viscosity reduction - use our Hobbynox SP Reducer/Cleaner.
  • Use the Intercoat-Clear 2-in-1 Cover Coat mixed Airbrush Colors within 6 hours. Keep colors capped airtight after use.
  • Use our SP Thinner/Cleaner to clean your airbrush or spray gun when Intercoat-Clear 2-in-1 Cover Coat has ben used.
  • Hobbynox Intercoat-Clear 2-i-1 Cover Coat is compatible with most airbrush colors from Createx and Parma Faskolor.

Can replace Parma Faskolor Faskoat 3140200



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