#A800FXA - Awesomatix A800FXA Evo 1/10 Front Wheel Drive Touring Car - Alloy

Code: A800FXA


Based upon the class revolutionizing A800FX platform and the feedback from racers around the globe, we designed and created the new A800FX Evo FWD Touring Car. The main goals were to further enhance the performance in all conditions and increase the setup range to suit all track conditions. Since weight distribution is the main setup tool for a FWD car, we re-worked the main chassis design and extended the wheelbase. This increase in wheelbase allows for further adjustability in weight bias and creates more forward traction. We also redesigned the rear of the car for better flex distribution.

The steering unit is a completely new design! We took the concept of the proven single bell crank steering from the A800MMX and transformed it into the A800FX Evo. The result is a servo holder with an integrated steering mount. This compact new system has less parts and is more reliable, particularly on unprepped or dirty tracks. To get enough clearance for the movement of the bell crank, we needed to slightly modify the front bulkheads as well. With the new ST230 bumper weight there are now 130g inside the front bumper, which will further increase traction. Two pairs of included 5g and 10g weights allows to further change the weight bias. 
The Motormount, which is placed dead center in the middle line of the chassis, combined with the newly designed topdecks, offers a variety of flex options. A new front top deck design provides increased front end flex and theoption to increase flex even more by using steel collar inserts. Furthermore, the new included rear stiffener in combination with the vertical strut create even more tuning options.

Also included are the ST69-00 linear spring screws, as well as the AT119 alloy spring screw holders. 
The D2.2-S-P Dampers with the P63 Damper Pistons are standard in the kit as is the adjustable C105A rear body holder.

All the new updates make the A800FX Evo even easier to drive on all track conditions and guarantee close racing at the racetrack. Grab yours and enjoy the pure fun of this class.

Special Features of the A800FXA Evo and A800FXC Evo versions:

  • NEW C01FXAL 7075T6 2mm Alloy Lower deck for A800FXA Evo kit
  • NEW C01FXCL 2.2mm Carbon Lower deck for A800FXC Evo kit
  • NEW special designed AM24FX Servo Holder
  • NEW special designed AM180FX Bell crank
  • NEW special designed AM78FX Bulkhead
  • NEW special designed AM30FX Rear Stiffener
  • NEW special designed AT159 Strut
  • NEW special designed C107S front topdeck
  • NEW special designed C27FX-2 rear topdeck
  • NEW special designed ST230 Bumper Weight (130g.)
  • ST69-00 + AT119 Linear Spring Screw and Alloy Holder
  • C105A Rear Adjustable Body holder
  • D2.2-S-P Damper set with P63 Damper Piston

Radio Receiver and Transmitter, ESC, Servo, Motor, Fan, Pinon and Spur Gear, Lipo, Bodyshell and Tires are not 
included in the kit. They are only used for presentation of full equipped car.


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