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#MPPUCK2 - MIP Puck Drive Set - Ball Diff - KR/SV2

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The MIP Puck system developed for the Cougar SV2/KR replaces the kit differential and driveshaft’s. MIP have redesigned the ball diff to an easy-to-adjust T-Nut design, making it super quick to tune your ball diff. The driveshaft’s are now the well-known MIP Shiny CVD’s, with Puck Drive system. The benefit of the Pucks are that they are a cheap, easy to replace item, saving the expensive drivetrain items from any wear. At the wheel end of the CVD features a plastic retaining ring and grub screw to ensure that the joint won’t fall apart, as well as dual drilling in the CVD Cup, doubling the life of the part. 


Quicker acceleration

Less overall wear on drive components


Replaceable Pucks to keep drivetrain fresh

Race Prove C-CVD™ Construction

Two sets of holes in the C-CVD™ bell

100% Quality made in the USA!