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#HPI4846 - HPI Sand Buster Paddle Tire M Compound (170X80Mm/2Pcs)

Product Code: HPI4846

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Get your roost on! With the awesome Sand Buster tyres for the Baja 5B, you can make time in the sand and snow like nobody's business!

Sand running is all the rage in R/C these days and HPI don't want any proud Baja 5B owners to be left out of the fun.

The perfect add-on for any 'desert rat', the Sand Buster rear and #4843 Sand Buster front tyres enable your Baja to perform like a real desert sand rail buggy! Throw up massive rooster tails of sand or dirt as your Baja rockets to top speed! Made from the long-lasting HPI M compound, they will last forever, giving you hours and hours of big-air top speed enjoyment!

These tyres also work great in boggy mud and snow!