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Yokomo has introduced the most affordable version of the Yokomo Drift Package DIB chassis. The new Yokomo DIB Version RS comes after the huge success of the Yokomo DIB. The Drift Package DIB RS Version is half the price of the original DIB, and may even perform better than the original DIB. This includes all those aluminum alloy, carbon fiber and not to mention countersteer. 

The new DIB in-line battery position allows for greater chassis maneuverability and unparalleled weight balance. The combination of new FRP chassis and bulkheads have been designed with performance and cost in mind. The new midship motor position has also been moved forward to accommodate the in-line battery positioning. The new chassis is also compatible with the short-size lightweight LiPo battery that were recently introduced by Yokomo. Counter-steer FCD kits will also be available for this chassis. Everything about this chassis has been carefully designed with RC Drift performance in mind.

High-end DIB parts and another option parts are compatible and upgradable, excluding ESC mount.

Yokomo Drift Package DIB RS Features:

  • Belt drive 4WD system
  • Front One way
  • Rear Spur Joint
  • Special steering system for Drifter
  • Ride Height Adjustable oil dumper
  • Multiple wind spring for drift machine
  • Aluminum Motor Mount
  • Turn Buckle Tie Rod& Upper Arm
  • Front/Rear Universal Shaft
  • Full Ball Bearing