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#LRP430275 - Lipo 4000mAh-HV LCG Stk Spec Shorty 7.6V

Product Code: LRP430275

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Introducing the new 2019 Competition Car Line Graphene 3 LiHV battery packs. Available as high-capacity Modified and ultra low internal resistance Stock packs, the batteries are available in the most popular configurations for on-road and off-road classes.

Graphene 3 - Cells
The next step in graphene development

Hyper LCG
New Low Centre of Gravity types available

Tailormade for stock and modified
Stock: Minimum IR = Maximum power
Modified: Max Capacity = Maximim Runtime

HV Technology
High voltage lipo cells - Charge up to 4.35v/cell
Increased lifetime when charged to 4.20v/cell

BRCA/EFRA Approved from April 2019

Length - 93.00mm

Width - 47.00mm

Height - 22.5mm

Weight - 190g

C-Rate - 130C/65C

5mm Plug