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#DY199110 - HUDY 1/10 Carrying Bag – Compact

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HUDY 1/10 Carrying Bag – Compact



  • Authentic stylish carrying bag
  • Compact design & handy size
  • For all RC car parts & equipment
  • Easy access to spacious interior
  • Zippered ends on both sides
  • 3 large reinforced storage boxes
  • Padded walls
  • Heavy-duty zipper
  • Rugged rubber feet
  • Cool full color graphics



Smart, stylish and distinctive, the light and ultra-versatile HUDY Carrying Bag is large and spacious enough to carry all your RC car parts and equipment to any track with comfort and ease.


The spacious 500x250x420mm interior is easily accessible through the zippered bag end on both sides. The bag comes with 3 large inner storage boxes #397241 in size 465x220x130mm. The strong, reinforced, waterproof storage boxes are made from a special high-quality rigid composite material for long life and extra durability. Optional inner boxes #397242 in size 465x220x87mm are available.


The padded walls ensure that the bag will stand even if some of the inner storage boxes are removed while using them.


The super-modern and stylish carrying bag has full-colour graphics over the entire bag and is emblazoned with official HUDY graphics.


High-quality European materials and craftsmanship are abundant.



#199110 HUDY 1/10 Carrying Bag – Compact



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