#Y2-RXCR - Yokomo RX Conversion Kit (Red) for YD-2S series

Code: Y2-RXCR


It is a set that can convert the high mount midship motor YD-2S series to the graphite double deck chassis of the rear motor. In addition to the main parts such as the main chassis, upper deck, gearbox, and motor mount, all the screws required for replacement are included, so you can easily try the latest RX specifications. As with the RX chassis kit, we have a lineup of black / purple / red alumite colors, so you can enjoy color alumite from base kits such as YD-2S.

  • 2.5mm Graphite main chassis
  • 2.5mm Graphite upper deck
  • 3G Gear box for rear motor
  • Aluminum motor mount for RX
  • Aluminum upper arm mount
  • Aluminum F upper deck adopter
  • Aluminum cooling fan mount
  • Rear shock mount post
  • Battery holder for shorty Li-po
  • Upper deck mount, etc.

* This conversion set cannot be attached to the front bulkhead such as YD-2E / E Plus, which has a bulkhead bridge integrally molded. When installing on the YD-2E / E Plus, please purchase a separate bulkhead for the S series (Y2-302MD) or an aluminum integrated bulkhead (Y2-302D) and use them in combination.


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