#DP-YD2RTRR - Yokomo Drift Package 2WD RTR - GR Supra Body - Red



This is a full set of RWD drift cars that we highly recommend to those who purchase a radio-controlled car for the first time or who are trying a drift radio-controlled model for the first time.

It is a complete set that covers everything that beginners tend to stumble, such as assembling the chassis, mounting RC equipment and painting the body. Based on the latest RWD drift car YD-2Z, 90% or more of the parts are used in common, so there are plenty of optional parts for upgrading as well as parts replacement due to damage or wear. I am. Even when the driving level is improved, we can handle everything from maintenance to tuning.

Set contents details

■ RTR full set that can be run immediately ■  Excellent expandability based on the latest model YD-2Z  ■ 2.4GHz transmitter / receiver  ■ 27-turn motor for  drift ■ Equipped with steering gyro for drift  ■ Nickel-metal hydride 1600mAh battery  ■ AC quick charger  ■ PANDEM GR Supra painted body  ■ Drift exclusive tires & wheels


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Assembled - RTR
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