#L36070 - Lunsford Racing Super Duty - 3.5mm titanium turnbuckle, 4.8mm ballstud set (Yokomo YZ2 DTM or RMW)

Lunsford Racing
Code: L36070


Increase durability, strength and longevity in your linkage system with 3.5mm SUPER DUTY Ti Turnbuckles, 4.8mm Ti Ball Studs and Lunsford SUPER DUTY Ball Cups. The turnuckle lengths are based on the latest tuner set-up by Ryan Maifield. Both the front and rear camber links are for the shortest position and up to one hole out. Rear hub used is the optional aluminum one #Z2-415RO.
What's Included:
2 - 3.5mm x 52mm SUPER DUTY Titanium Turnbuckles 
2 - 3.5mm x 57mm SUPER DUTY Titanium Turnbuckles
2 - 3.5mm x 60mm SUPER DUTY Titanium Turnbuckles
8 - 4.8mm x 8mm Titanium Ball Studs
4 - 4.8mm x 10mm Titanium Ball Studs
16 - 3.5mm SUPER DUTY 4.8mm Ball Cups
The Lunsford Touch:
- Always and only domestic Grade 5 Titanium
- Nano accurate threading process
- Machined from center-less ground titanium
- Manufactured right here at the Lunsford compound


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